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Energy Management System

Energy Management System

Scalable software solutions serving every need, from individual machines to plant-wide solutions – with SIMATIC, you can implement integraexpandable energy management scalable to your needs as they grow. Systems can be engineered quickly and easily while offering comprehensive analysis functions. Open interfaces give you a free hand for data input and forwarding, and the energy measurement modules of SIMATIC Energy Meter provide an ideal basis for collecting and recording data on any energy medium.


Production-related energy monitoring

SIMATIC Energy Management provides you with an easy way to equip your machinery and plants with a comprehensive solution for energy monitoring – from consumption measurement to detailed efficiency analysis based on the condition of the machine or plant.


Company-wide energy analysis

With our solutions for company-wide energy analysis, we support you with planning, implementation, and evaluation of efficiency measures; cost allocation to source; and compliance with the requirements of ISO 50001 – in a scalable and future-proof way.


Proactive energy management

Eliminate load peaks and prevent penalties and fines: Automatic monitoring of agreed power or consumption limits warns you before limits may potentially be exceeded and, if necessary, switches specific energy loads off in accordance with the specified planning and engineering.